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The Runaway Gypsy Boy is LIVE

The Runaway Gypsy Boy is live.

1 The Runaway Gypsy Boy Printable 330 6x9

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Release Day!

Release Day Spanked in the Woodshed

(Bend Over Series #3)
Release date: March 1, 2016

The Bend Over Trilogy is complete!!!

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Shane is in trouble again with his Dom.

Shane makes matters worse for himself. He wants to please him, make him happy, and be the best sub for Julien.
His Dom gives him everything he needs. He helps him learn to deal with his problems the right way and not with drugs. He pays for his college and lets him work at one of his clubs to be independent and earn some of his own money.

Something or someone always seems to get in the way of their progress. This time besides the lies and rule breaking, it’s a couple of different people trying to ruin their relationship.

Julien tries to be patient with Shane. He loves him and wants to be the safe place Shane can always come home to, but misunderstandings, lies, and shortcomings threaten this couple the one thing they need more than anything else, each other.

This story is steamy hot, but it isn’t just a story of BDSM. It is a story of love with a super HEA to end the series.

Gay M/M BDSM Interracial Romance

Other books in the series are here:


Spanked in the Woodshed E-Book Cover

Don’t Throw Me Away is LIVE!!!

Finally, Don’t Throw Me Away is live! It felt like forever. I hope you like my new book.


Don’t Throw Me Away (Bend Over Series #2) by Brina Brady
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Shane O’Rourke screws up. He gives up his old ways of stealing, lying, and using drugs, but he isn’t the perfect sub. He has some slip-ups here and there. He loves his Dom and desires to please him. Shane is determined to be honest, but when he finds himself in a big mess. He fears losing his Dom’s love and respect. One mess leads Shane into another mess and threatens his contract with his Dom.

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Bend Over (Bend Over Series #1) by Brina Brady

Update for Don’t Throw Me Away on Amazon.  It ranked #23 in Gay Erotica

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