Facebook rant

Facebook Rant!

For no reason at all, Facebook had suspended me from posting in all groups until Nov. 21st. This means I can’t promote my new release in the Book Promotion groups.  This affects the success of my new book.

I followed all the group rules and I joined groups that FB suggested to me.

There are no RULES for posting and joining groups. Apparently FB is going over the heads of the promotion group owners and casting some members aside with no excuse or reason.



What constitutes joining too many groups?  Facebook has no written information on this nor do they tell anyone in writing how fast or slow you must post during the intervals.  Is locking a person up in FB going to get the message to us?

What is the message?



I’m being treated like a spammer. I am not a spammer. I joined groups that allow me to post my book promo. I follow the group rules.

What the hell is going on here?

I found this petition on Change.org.

For the past few weeks, we have found our book community being banned from posting in book groups. Groups that have been created for the purpose of book promotions. Groups that are asking for book links, author promotions, author services, book related events and giveaways.

Authors are being banned because they write romance? A New York Times Best Selling Author was told that she writes porn and therefore was banned. Where are rules and restrictions of this policy?

Since when are authors not allowed to promote themselves on Facebook? Since when did Facebook start censoring romance books? Is Facebook taking a stand against authors, street teams, book promotions, personal assistants and the entire book community?

People are being blocked with no explanation or warning. People’s livelihoods are being affected because Facebook has decided to ban without a reason or explanation. What are the violations? What are the rules? Help us understand.

There has been plenty of porn videos popping up all over the place. In fact two were reported from two different people only for it to come back from the review team that it didn’t go against your restrictions. Since when is deep throating acceptable on Facebook but romance novels are being ostracized?

You give your members an option to create groups. There are groups for everything including BDSM communities for example. Since when did Facebook make the decision to start banning book related activity? This has never been a problem before. In fact the description in most of the book groups, will state what is acceptable to post.

Unless we’ve missed something, there is no announcement from Facebook that has stated that book advertising is not allowed or anything remotely along those lines . So as a book community we would really like some answers as to what the violations are, how to avoid them and the new changes that Facebook has implemented without informing its members. To just ban members without warning for two weeks is absolutely unfair, especially when there is so much unethical goings on throughout the entire website.
Thank you

The Entire Book Community

Please sign this.