Brennen Brady

Own Me Character Interviews from Fans

Brennen Patrick Brady’s Interview


1. Do you secretly wish Dmitri was your father?
Brennen: When I was twelve, I wished Dmitri was my father. He acted like he was most of the time. But I had this crazy mad crush on him when he saved me. This crush just grew bigger than I was. Of course, Dmitri didn’t give me the kind of attention I wanted, but I was a teenager. He gave me everything I could ever want, but I wanted to be his number one. He had Viktor who pulled him away from me. I was really very jealous back then. I still often wonder if Viktor made Dmitri happier than I did. I know he isn’t a drama queen. I know that part of me Dmitri could do without. But the thing is I’m glad he’s not my father now because I love him in a different way. If my answer sounds mixed up, it’s because sometimes, I waver. It’s like I can’t get enough of Dmitri. I want to be everything to him. I want to be his son, best friend, co-worker, lover, whore, and most of all I love being his husband. I want forever with Dmitri.

2. Did you want it to work out with Bella?
Brennen: I did. I thought my life would be so much easier if I weren’t gay. She’s a beautiful girl and I had fun with her once. I don’t know how to explain this, but Dmitri is all I ever wanted. I think I was born gay. I never had any interest in girls yet I like to dance with them and flirt, but on a long term basis, I don’t think I could be happy with a girl. But the entire fiasco with Bella was prompted because the two men in my life I looked up to and loved both had women. Dmitri had married Nika and Mischa had Giselle. I always wanted to be like them. Sometimes, I wished I was their brother so they would accept me like they do with each other. Although, I didn’t much care for their parents in Russia.

3. What’s your favorite sex position?
Brennen: I like doggy style, hands and knees on a nice soft bed. Dmitri hits my hot spot best that way.

4. When did you know you were in love with Dmitri?
I fell in love with Dmitri the first day he saved me. He brought me water while I was chained to a dog house. He then took me home with him. He made me safe and gave me everything.

5. Were you nervous before your wedding?
Brennen: Nope. The only thing I worried about was Dmitri changing his mind when we got there but he didn’t.

6. When you are a lawyer what do you hope to do? Open your own practice? Work for someone else.
Brennen: I want to work with Mark. My dream is to help teens who get into serious trouble with the law.

7. What’s your favorite thing about Dmitri?
Brennen: I can’t say online, but I love how he takes care of me. When he raises his eyebrows, he lets me know he wants me. I can always tell what he wants by how he looks at me. He’s damn sexy when he gets pissed off, too. When he speaks, I want to worship him. I love everything about him, except when he goes to the dark side. Then he scares me. Yikes. I run to Mischa.

Dmitri Dubrovsky’s Interview

Dmitri Dubrovsky

Dmitri Dubrovsky

1. How difficult was it for you when Brennen was an escort?
Dmitri: I allowed Brennen to be an escort for many reasons. One, he wanted to do it. I figured he would find a way. So I thought if he worked for me, he’d be safer. At the time, I fought my feelings for him. I thought maybe he would fall in a love with someone else. I knew he loved me since he was twelve. I didn’t want that kind of relationship with him, but it happened anyway when he turned eighteen. It was damn hard to know what he was doing when he worked, but I was married to Nika at the time. I had no right to ask him to quit. However, I did anyway. Mischa pressured him to quit too. He knew we both disapproved of him working as an escort, but he finally was able to demand something he wanted. He never felt secure enough to demand anything from Mischa or me for years. We let him ride with it, but when he got hurt, I told him he had to quit and he did.

2. Were you nervous before your wedding?
Dmitri: Yes. I worried about many things especially if I were making the right decision for both of us. I knew Brennen was young, but I could see how happy he was. Brennen didn’t have any other relationships, but he did have sex while he was an escort. I just hope he doesn’t venture out. I always worry about him getting bored. Mischa said that he’s glue to the inside of my pocket and he’s not going anywhere without me.

3. Could you share some memories with us from your wedding?
Dmitri: I made Bren sleep on the other bed the night before we got married. But I don’t know how long he stayed over there because I woke up with him beside me doing all sorts of wild things to me. On the day of our wedding, I dressed Bren in a matching tuck. He didn’t much like wearing it. He wanted to wear those God awful black combat boots of his and his sexy jeans. I said absolutely not. And as soon as we were back in the hotel, Bren stripped. And you can only imagine what he wanted from his husband. When he thought I was sleeping on the plane, he flirted with the flight attendants. The funny part of it when we were both awake, he accused me of flirting but I didn’t do it behind his back. We laughed. I’m not even going to tell you what that little nut wanted to do on the plane. I’ll leave it to your imagination.

4. Now that you don’t own the escort service, what are you doing for a job/income?
Dmitri: I run a few night clubs. I don’t need to work, but I can’t retire because I’m a workaholic.

5. What’s your favorite sex position?
Dmitri: I like Brennen’s facing me with his legs over my shoulders. I love to see him. I like wall sex with him, but Bren likes to be comfortable.

6. Will you ever consider opening another escort service?
Dmitri: NO! Bren might want to work there. No way. *laughing*

7. What was your favorite sex toy to use on Brennen?
Dmitri: Vibrating butt plug and the leather paddle.

8. What is your favorite thing about Brennen?
Dmitri: He is selfless, loving and willing to pleasing me in all areas not just sex. I love how he swipes his long blond hair away from his bedroom blue eyes. He’s beautiful. When he thinks he has something over on me and I find out about it, he becomes Mr. Innocent. I love the naughty look in his eyes when he is caught doing something he shouldn’t. He thinks he’s so bad, but inside he is all good. And lately, I like how he’s confident enough to argue with me. He does plenty of that but it’s mostly all play on his side. I love him because there is no other like him. He’s mine.
Mischa Dubrovsky’s Interview


1. Mischa, how hard is it to keep track of Brennen?
Mischa: Easy. I know where he is and what he does ALL the time. He doesn’t change his schedule much. He doesn’t have many friends and stays home now that he’s married.

2. Mischa, any funny/embarrassing memories growing up with Dmitri?
Mischa: My big brother Dmitri was and is my hero. One time, I decided to try one of his cigarettes. Stupid me left the butt on my dresser. My father who was a huge, mean man found it. He pulled me by my red hair to the shed. We had this old shed in the back and he would discipline all of us boys in there. My hero Dmitri told our father he smoked the cigarette and saved me from a whipping. He always protected me. He was always there for me and still is today.