Rent Me by Brina Brady (Rent Me Series #1)

I have a new cover for Rent Me. I never dreamed I’d write a series with 4 books.

Rent Me #1, Own Me #2, Make Me #3 and For Me #4(Christmas in Russia Novella)

BK1 Rent Me E-Book Cover

Brennen Brady, a 21-year-old rent boy falls in love with Dmitri Dubrovsky, a 36-year-old Russian mafia man. Dmitri rescues Brennen from an abusive environment and places him under his protection by moving him in his home in exchange for his respect, the beginning of their domestic discipline relationship. Dmitri controls every inch of his life in and out of bed. Brennen works as an escort for Dmitri’s Forbidden Desires Escort Service. Dmitri is everything to Brennen. His only need is to please his lover by submitting to him.

Dmitri Dubrovsky knew Brennen had to be with him for the rest of his life. He wanted him, every part of him. He wanted to take care of him and erase all his pain. Brennen needed him like no other living soul in this entire world. And Dmitri needed Brennen to need him as much as he needed Brennen. No one will ever harm him again. He made a pledge to himself that he would protect him and never let anyone hurt him. He would kill to protect him. The major problem for Dmitri was his Russian culture did not tolerate a man loving another man.

The power exchange between them serves both their needs. Dmitri needed to dominate and Brennen loved to submit. Brennen desires his lover to be his master in a BDSM relationship. Their long struggle for the two to define their place in each other’s heart confronts their entire core of the relationship.

Mischa Dubrovsky, Brennen’s security guard and limo driver, is also Dmitri’s straight brother who encourages Brennen to date girls. Mischa loves him like a brother and disapproves of his brother’s relationship. Mischa’s main job is Dmitri’s hit man for his illegal drug traffic business and gay escort service. Dmitri and Mischa Dubrovsky originated from Russia. Brennen desperately desires to belong to the Russian Dubrovsky family. He is unsure what his place is and if he belongs anywhere.

The story captures their sexual and emotional struggles to define their relationship. When Dmitri marries Nika to protect his name from his friends and family, his business marriage shakes their love. Brennen does not understand his lover’s Russian culture not allowing homosexuality. Two different cultures and age difference clash. Brennen does not believe his lover has a business arrangement with his wife.

The story begins with Brennen upset over his lover’s marriage. Dmitri moves Brennen out of their home to an apartment in Beverly Hills with another rent boy while he attends USC to study criminal law and works as a rent boy at night. Devastated Brennen did not know how to deal with being number two to his lover while they continued their sexual relationship as if nothing changed.

Brennen is coming of age and questions if he is gay or bisexual. Brennen doubts Dmitri’s love when he marries Nika. Feeling hurt and displaced, he seeks a plan B if Dmitri doesn’t divorce his wife. Dmitri must decide between his love for Brennen and his Russian pride that demands him to be straight with a wife and family. He tells Brennen that he is working on a solution for them to be together. Either way Dmitri will lose the respect from his Russian friends and family or lose Brennen’s love.

Stubborn Brennen refuses to quit being an escort until Dmitri divorces Nika. The battling of two stubborn men who want to be together without giving up anything. Brennen wants to remain a rent boy and Dmitri can’t accept being gay.

Mischa’s dilemma is to choose what he thinks is best for Brennen or what he knows Dmitri wants. Mischa’s brotherly love for Brennen caused an internal battle with his allegiance to his brother. Can their relationship survive Brennen’s clients, Dmitri’s marriage and Mischa’s opinion? How will they save their relationship?

Here is a new review on Rent Me.

Rent Me Series in Review Week: Rent Me, book 1

Spanked in the Woodshed is available for Pre-order.

Finally, Spanked in the Woodshed is available for pre-order on Amazon.

The book will be released on March 11, 2016.

Spanked in the Woodshed E-Book Cover

Young Shane gets himself in trouble again with his Dom. Afraid of Julien thinking he is insane when he believes someone is following him at the university, he makes matters worse for himself. He wants to please him, make him happy, and be the best sub for Julien.

His Dom gives him everything he needs. He helps him learn to deal with his problems the right way and not with drugs. He pays for his college and lets him work at one of his clubs to be independent and earn some of his own money.

Something or someone always seems to get in the way of their progress. This time besides the lies and rule breaking, it’s a couple of different people trying to ruin their relationship.

Julien tries to be patient with Shane. He loves him and wants to be the safe place Shane can always come home to, but misunderstandings, lies, and shortcomings threaten this couple the one thing they need more than anything else, each other.

This story is steamy hot, but it isn’t just a story of BDSM. It is a story of love with a super HEA to end the series.

Gay M/M BDSM Interracial Romance



Other books in the series are here:



Brina’s Brant: Facebook Blocked my Rent Me link again.

This is really getting old. I don’t bother or hurt anyone, but I have enemies who hate me and my Rent Me series. This has been an on going issue with Facebook. Someone reported Amazon’s Rent Me link and it’s deemed as a security risk. SECURITY RISK???? An Amazon link is not a security risk.

I found a great review on Rent Me today, so I posted the review and I wanted to add the link. That’s how I found out. Who are these enemies? Why me?

Anyway, here is the awesome review for Rent Me.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great start to this series!
By Lisa Con December 12, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
I loved Rent Me! This story revolves around the lives of Brennen, an escort, and Dimitri and Mischa, two brothers from Russia who juggle around their love, power and muscle to keep Brennen safe (mostly from himself!). Dimitri, who is fourteen years older than Bren, is everything to him. Father figure, daddy, lover, Dom, and closest confidant. Mischa, also loves and cares for Brennen, and will discipline Bren when he steps out of line. He disapproves of his brother and Bren’s relationship, but will reluctantly tolerate it because he loves them both. Brennen has had a horrible childhood and these two brothers want to do right by him. The funny thing is, Bren really deserves the discipline. His heart is in the right place all the time but he never thinks about the consequences of his poorly made decisions until it’s too late. And … every time, Dmitri and/or Mischa are there to bail him out.

I couldn’t help but feel bad for Bren because his self esteem and confidence was almost non existent ~ he was abused and neglected from such a young age and his story broke my heart ~

“… hiding under his covers at home to avoid everyone seemed like a worthy idea. People only hurt him. Why couldn’t this man love me? What was so wrong with me that no one wanted me? Not even my own mother.”

This story has everything; mild BDSM, passion, humor, angst and love, all in equal parts. The attention to detail throughout the whole book gave my minds eye the perfect visual to navigate the pages of this enchanting story. I highly recommend this book and I’m looking forward to starting the second one in the series just to see what mischief and trouble Bren gets himself into and what Dmitri and Mischa need to do to bail him out … again!

Rent Me is the first book in the Rent Me Series.
Own Me is book 2.
Make Me is book 3.

For Me is the Christmas story for the Rent Me series.

BK1-3 Rent Me Series Poster

For Me (A Christmas Story from the Rent Me Series)

For Me (A Christmas story from the Rent Me series) is live!
The entire Dubrovsky family heads to snowy Russia for a family Christmas. Brennen fears Dmitri’s homophobic father’s rejection. Dmitri believes when he presents their daughter, all will be forgotten and forgiven. Dmitri steps into a mess upon their arrival with his new husband. Instead of being greeted with hugs and kisses, like everyone else, Grandma Dubrovsky whisks baby Dominika away from them and leaves them on the front porch with Dmitri’s angry father. Will they stay and abide by his rules?
This is the story of love, forgiveness, and miracles during the holiday season. Dmitri and Brennen overcome some issues troubling their relationship, each growing and learning how to deal with each other. Brennen wants to be treated as an equal partner in their marriage. There are many surprises during the holiday season for all of them.
This book should be read after book 3 of the Rent Me Series. If you read it as a standalone, you will surely want to read the first three books.


Facebook Rant!

For no reason at all, Facebook had suspended me from posting in all groups until Nov. 21st. This means I can’t promote my new release in the Book Promotion groups.  This affects the success of my new book.

I followed all the group rules and I joined groups that FB suggested to me.

There are no RULES for posting and joining groups. Apparently FB is going over the heads of the promotion group owners and casting some members aside with no excuse or reason.



What constitutes joining too many groups?  Facebook has no written information on this nor do they tell anyone in writing how fast or slow you must post during the intervals.  Is locking a person up in FB going to get the message to us?

What is the message?



I’m being treated like a spammer. I am not a spammer. I joined groups that allow me to post my book promo. I follow the group rules.

What the hell is going on here?

I found this petition on

For the past few weeks, we have found our book community being banned from posting in book groups. Groups that have been created for the purpose of book promotions. Groups that are asking for book links, author promotions, author services, book related events and giveaways.

Authors are being banned because they write romance? A New York Times Best Selling Author was told that she writes porn and therefore was banned. Where are rules and restrictions of this policy?

Since when are authors not allowed to promote themselves on Facebook? Since when did Facebook start censoring romance books? Is Facebook taking a stand against authors, street teams, book promotions, personal assistants and the entire book community?

People are being blocked with no explanation or warning. People’s livelihoods are being affected because Facebook has decided to ban without a reason or explanation. What are the violations? What are the rules? Help us understand.

There has been plenty of porn videos popping up all over the place. In fact two were reported from two different people only for it to come back from the review team that it didn’t go against your restrictions. Since when is deep throating acceptable on Facebook but romance novels are being ostracized?

You give your members an option to create groups. There are groups for everything including BDSM communities for example. Since when did Facebook make the decision to start banning book related activity? This has never been a problem before. In fact the description in most of the book groups, will state what is acceptable to post.

Unless we’ve missed something, there is no announcement from Facebook that has stated that book advertising is not allowed or anything remotely along those lines . So as a book community we would really like some answers as to what the violations are, how to avoid them and the new changes that Facebook has implemented without informing its members. To just ban members without warning for two weeks is absolutely unfair, especially when there is so much unethical goings on throughout the entire website.
Thank you

The Entire Book Community

Please sign this.


Make Me is LIVE!!!

Good Morning!

Make Me is finally live.  I waited for this day and counted the hours until this day showed up for me. Now, it’s here and I can’t promote it on Facebook. I was suspended from Facebook. No warning and no explanation as to what I had done wrong. I wrote to Facebook and no one answered.  I have some good friends who are helping me promote it.

Currently, I’m working on a Christmas story in Russia for Brennen and Dmitri. The new book brings a big surprise at the end. I hope you like it.

BK1-3 Rent Me Series Poster

New Release Today!  Make Me by Brina Brady.

Amazon US:

Printed Version:


Russian mobster Dmitri Dubrovsky and his ex-rent boy husband Brennen are hiding out, along with extended family in a remote cabin in a German forest. Living in a small cabin is taking its toll on the couple. The entire group’s safety is Dmitri’s responsibility, and the pressure of meeting all their needs means he and Brennen don’t spend enough alone time.


Brennen has a sneaky side and is finding his way back to his old tricks. The struggles the two men go through bring out the best and the worst of each. There are some difficulties balancing their Domestic Discipline Relationship with their marriage. Jealousy is still a big stumbling block for both of them, but they always find time to squeeze in some playful, kinky sex.


They find danger when a secret meeting in Amsterdam with a trusted source turns out to be a betrayal. A brother goes missing, leaving an additional burden on Dmitri’s shoulders.


Complications with a long-time business associate who also happens to be one of the biggest drug lords in the world send them to Mexico. When one problem is solved abroad, another arises back at home. Something will change their lives forever. Can their marriage handle the change?










This is an adult, gay story focused on themes of corporal punishment and domestic discipline. It contains explicit sex with elements of light BDSM between adult men over the age of eighteen.

Book 1 and 2 Free with KU.


Purchase links for Rent Me #1 and Own Me #2


BK3 Make Me Printable 311 6x9

Thank you.

Brina Brady