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5 Star Bend Over Amazon Review

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I recently read a new review on Bend Over. The reviewer understood my characters, truly read beyond the lines to the root of their character traits and motivations. I’d like to share this review with you.


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5 ***** Fantastic Read!
By Jenna on August 4, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Bend Over starts out with the eighteen-year-old, Shane, who has run away from home to escape his intolerant reverend father. Shane isn’t entirely sure about his sexuality, but when he has a sexual encounter in a beach shower with an older French speaking man, Shane’s only thought is that he wants that guy again. Although he doesn’t’ know it at first, Shane has made an impression on the man. Julien is the owner of a BDSM club and after his encounter with Shane, he has to have him as his boy. He makes all the arrangements to assure Shane ends up in his hands.

This book was extremely sexy. I loved how submissive Shane is and how at the same time he’s bratty and rebellious. Shane was missing a loving father figure in his life and Julien quickly fills that role. Since Shane messes up a lot, he earns a lot of punishment, but his punishments are always sexy and far from being harsh. Shane loves being spanked, which makes his discipline even hotter. Bend Over has a happy ending, and the only thing I’m wondering is if Julien will ever get his boy to behave. I recommend this book to anyone who loves M/M BDSM.

 I’m going to try to post more often. I’ve been busy writing.


Don’t Throw Me Away- New WIP

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While Own Me is in the hands of my editor Tina Marie, I’ve been working on the Bend Over Series, book 2, Don’t Throw Me Away. Currently, I have 25,000 words.  I’m excited about this book because Julien and Shane will be exploring their BDSM relationship. The story will begin with Shane turning twenty-one which means they have been in a relationship for three years. I’m sure some people will complain about the lost three years.

Of course, I’ve been playing around with book covers which I will later post. The problem is the constraint on my creativity due to lining up both books in the series to look like they come from the same series.

I’m finally feeling 100%!!!!


Here are some covers I’m considering. I’m not going to use Sequel which implies the series is done. So I will remake the brown one. I have many versions of each. They all need tons more work, of course. This is how I play around first to find exactly what I want.

Don't Throw Me Away22   don'tthrowmeaway  bendoverequel33



5 Star Amazon Review for Bend Over!

Some days, it’s worth waking up to some good news. Someone understood my story, my characters and documented it on Amazon! Thank you, Amy for the awesome review! You made my day!

5.0 out of 5 stars Dark, Edgy Erotic Romance!!, January 17, 2015
Amy R. (Trappe, Pa., US) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Bend Over (Bend Over Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
This is the story of Shane a teenage runaway with a troubled upbringing, he grew up in a house with strict religious and moral rules, dad is a Reverend. He lies, steals uses drugs and has issues with his sexuality( gay vs. bi). He meets Julien while living on the beach in California, he’s older, wiser well established and rich. Julien rescues him offering a place to live and a job, a friendship then relationship begins. Julien’s rules no lying, stealing, drugs and he must go to school, while he pays. Can Shane be the man Julien expects him to be, can he tame the bad boy?? Shane needs to deal with his past to have a future, his family issues, why he ran away, his sexuality and coming out to family, inner demons that cause him to lie, steal and do drugs, and how to love and be truthful to himself and others. This book is for mature readers only, deals with drugs, sex M/M and BDSM M/M. I was given this book for an honest review. It was well written and an emotional read.


Another 5 Star UK Amazon Review for Bend Over

I was looking around on the UK site to check my rank when I noticed another new review. 5 Stars!!

Money is great, but a 5 star review sits me right on top of the moon.

Julien Callier

Julien Callier

Shane O’Rourke

Shane O'Rourke

Shane O’Rourke

By Sistine – See all my reviews

Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Bend Over (Kindle Edition)

What a thought provoking, intelligent and well-crafted read. The author Brina creates a story that can be read again and again; finding with each read more layers of meaning. The text challenges the reader and doesn’t shy away from addressing complex issues.

What made this book for me so special are the two men at the center of the story. The author has created characters that are well rounded and thought out. They make mistakes and don’t always behave as they should, which of course makes them and the story line so much more interesting!
Julien and Shane’s relationship is fascinating to watch unfold. Julien finding himself attracted to Shane sets out with the intellectual aim of educating and testing Shane’s boundaries. Shane is always looking for the next high, fuelled by his upbringing and sexual confusion. In Julien he finds the perfect foil to explore these needs. There are some lovely touches of humour, as seen from Shane’s point of view, of the world and events around him. Due to some unresolved issues, I am hoping there may be another book to follow.

There will be a sequel titled Don’t Throw Me Away.

Five Star Bend Over Review

Thank you, Tyler May!
I love when readers get me, but Tyler May is an author, too. That means the world to me when another author gets me.

Tyler May‘s review

Dec 17, 14


bookshelves: read, m-m

Read in December, 2014

Well done, Brina Brady! I will say this is much different than Rent Me and I was pleasantly surprised. She gives a different side to a Dom/Sub relationship, just proving that all relationships and agreements are different and singular in their experience. I’ve seen her post that her characters aren’t your typical BSDM, and I say thank you. It was nice to read something different. I wanted to smack both of them a couple times, but that’s because I was so into the story 🙂 And the sex scenes in the book….WOAH hold on for a ride, there’s a lot my friends, but she keeps them fresh…a sign of a great author.

Would I recommend Bend Over? Absolutely. I loved both of Brina’s books so far and I can not wait until the sequel to Rent Me comes out. Her writing style is her own and I love that!

I speak from experience when I say that it takes so much to write a book and to get it out there. That in itself is a huge accomplishment and Brina should be proud….I’m proud of her!

Basically, this book is differently good and well written. Go click, you won’t regret it. ❤

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I decided to create different promos for the groups.  Here are some of my promos.

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UK Amazon 5 Star Review

Today, I checked out the UK Amazon site for Bend Over. There was a beautiful review on my book to my surprise.
I tried to thank the person, but Amazon said I didn’t live in the UK so I was unable.
Some reviewers really get my characters and it made me feel like I’m sitting on a star.
Money is great, but an awesome review is so rewarding. I feel really good today.
Thank you, Mrs. S Kruit from the UK.

5.0 out of 5 stars good plot and strong characters 25 Nov 2014
By Mrs S Kruit
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
A lot of work went into creating a challenging storyline that works without straining suspension of disbelief, which is quite an accomplishment! Brina allows us to believe in Shane’s inherent need to rebel and the conflict this poses to him emotionally as his need to be accepted as Julien’s becomes more urgent.
Julien is by turns angry and frustrated, yet extraordinarily patient with his wayward youth. The age gap works for, not against them.
Some great scenes with the bondage… Particularly liked the trip to subspace as the pleasure/pain balance takes Shane to a visceral place.

Another 5 Star Review on Bend Over



Another 5 Star Review

Bend Over by Brina Brady


“Another great book by Brina! Julien see’s this beautiful blonde boy and has this strong desire to protect him, to help him and to make him his. Shane has had a hard life growing up with a very strict father who has made him feel ashamed about the desires he is having for other men. Shane has a lot of growing up to do and needs to start making better choices in his life and Julien is just the man to help him. Great story and I am very anxious for the sequel! It will be great to see their love grow. Great job Brina!”

Buy the book to find out more.

Purchase links:

US Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P2XO5YM

Ca Amazon http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00P2XO5YM?*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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