My Play Covers

More Book Covers for Bend Over Series.


I had a break, so I wanted to show you these two book covers that I’m playing with today. I want them to match and look like series.

book1       book2

I don’t know. I think if you click on them, they become huge.

Here are two different versions with white for the series.

bendovermaker1white      bookk2white


New Covers for Rent Me Series


I’m back online again after being ill from Pneumonia for almost four weeks. Ah.. I’m not 100%, but getting there.

I finally managed to match my two covers for Rent Me and Own Me.  BTW, Own Me is with the editor.  Next time, I hope I know in advance I’m writing a series. New author…

Here are the covers and I hope you like them.

RentMeNewVersion        OneMe77