Editing Tips



Apparently, adverbs stink up your fiction, so out go all the perfect adverbs. Here I am doing a search for “ly” words and replacing adverbs with action verbs. Since when did the Parts of Speech have a hierarchy? Many publishers reject manuscripts because of the damn dirty adverbs that are creating a foul smell in your story. Frankly, I love adverbs. Maybe someone could create a “Adverbsaurus” that can create verbs from adverbs. That would be helpful!!

Let’s not forget you must rid your story of the passive voice. You know, any form of the verb “to be”. Also please do not leave in too many “this” or “that” either; I have to work on REVISION. This part of writing stinks.

Currently, I have 102, 544 words for my novel Rent Me.

Here is THE CABIN in my book that I used.