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Master Cleary’s Boys is on KU!

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Well, Master Cleary’s Boys is FREE on KU and available for purchase now.


I’d like to share a great review for my book. This book is book 2 in the series but it can be read as a standalone. MMM/BDSM

One Dom and two subs…
Sara Long rated it 5 Stars it
This is an extremely well-written book. The story itself is steady-paced, and the author consistently builds up the plot and sub-plot and tidily follows through on tying up all the story threads. The characters are still poignantly framed in my mind, even a couple of days after finishing the book, and the painful physical torture Kevin had to endure at the hands of the evil Mr. Higgins continues to haunt me and sadden my heart.
The mood and tale were darker and more dramatic than I had predicted from reading the book blurb, but the author’s expert storytelling convinced me to continue turning the pages. The only thing that wasn’t intuitively obvious to me was the timeframe for this work – it takes place in present day, but for some reason, my mind kept wanting to process it as happening in the early part of the 20th century.
The dark, troubling, and somber scene of the book is brightened and strengthened by Master Cleary’s protective support of and unconditional love for Jack and Kevin, and the HEA builds upon the underlying elements of hope, closure and new beginnings threaded throughout the story.
The Runaway Gypsy Boy (Irish Runaway Series #1)

Own Me (Rent Me Series Book 2) by Brina Brady #LGBT #Review

Own Me (Rent Me Series Book 2) by Brina Brady #LGBT #Review.

Own Me is the second book in the Rent Me series. If you haven’t already read book 1, Rent Me, then I recommend doing so first.

Dmitri and Bren are now married. Unfortunately, jealousy is still a big issue for both of them.  They are always afraid that the other will find someone better and leave. Dmitri’s ex-boyfriend Viktor is still in love with him and is very jealous of Bren. Viktor is set out to cause problems and make Dmitri and Bren question their love and comment to each other. When jealousy roars its ugly head Bren gets upset he acts out and says things he doesn’t mean and Dmitri gets even more possessive of Bren.

Bren knows Dmitri is hiding something important and won’t confide in him. Dmitri is only trying to protect Bren but doing so Dmitri is treating him more like a son than a husband. Bren doesn’t want to be treated as a child so this makes him angry and hurt. Dmitri realizes what he is doing and he promises to start treating him as his equal in he relationship but it is hard to give up the fatherly role after taking care of Bren since he was 12 years old. Bren does understand this role confusion, he tends to go to Dmitri for the comfort, acceptance and protection as a son does. That is one of the reason that the D/s aspect works in their relationship.

After some time Dmitri lets Brennan know that all the texts and secretively is related to a dangerous situation and  he is trying to help his brother get  it back under control. Dmitri explains that when he stepped down from the organization and gave his position to his brother Adrik, a fraction of the mob were extremely angry and can’t accept that he is gay and married another man. That part of the Russian mob is working against Adrik, they plan to eradicate the entire Dubrovsky family. This puts Dmitri, Brennan, Mischa, Adrik and anyone close to them in danger.

Just like the first book, Own Me is well written and is definitely a page turner with all the twist and turns. The sex scenes are hot and full of explicit detail but don’t go overboard. I love that Bren and Dmitri relationship keeps growing stronger even with all the hurdles thrown at them. I will be impatiently waiting to see if Bren and Dmitri finally get their HEA in book 3. I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes good storyline with suspense and light BDSM.

Pot Of Gold 9

9/10 pots of gold

‘Rent Me’ by Brina Brady #LGBT #Review

‘Rent Me’ by Brina Brady #LGBT #Review.

Dmitri and Mischa are brothers who are originally from Russia, both are also involved in the Russian mafia. Dmitri and Mischa rescued Brennen from an abusive situation at the age of 12. Dmitri took him in and put him under his protection and Brennen has been with him since. Three years ago, when Brennen turned 18, their relationship turned from a father/son type to a physical one. Since then they have fallen in love and are involved in a consensual D/s relationship where Dmitri owns Brennen.  Brennen is expected to follow the rules Dmitri has set, if he doesn’t then he will be punished accordingly, in turn Dmitri takes care of all Brennen’s needs.


Dmitri is an owner of an escort agency called Forbidden Desires. After a lot of persuading, Brennen convinces Dmitri to allow him to become an escort even though both Dmitri and Mischa disapprove. Mischa is also a big part of Brennen’s life. He accepts Brennen as part of his family loves him like a little brother. He is a protector and will do almost anything for Brennen. He doesn’t like that Dmitri and Brennen are in a relationship together. Mischa believes that if Brennen had the opportunity he would find a nice girl to be with. This topic is often a battle between the three of them.


Unfortunately in a Russian family it is unacceptable to be gay. Therefore, Dmitri decides he will find a woman to marry as a cover and still be with Brennen.  He doesn’t inform Brennen of his plan until he announces that he is getting married. This deeply hurts Brennen and it brings back insecurities that originated from when he was younger. Once Dmitri gets married Brennen’s life changes. He is forced to move out and accept that Dmitri now has more responsibilities. Nika, Dmitri’s wife is jealous of Brennan and acts really nasty towards him, causing Brennen even more trouble and heartache. He feels abandoned and worthless, this provokes him to act out and get into some bad situations. As I continued reading their story I often wondered if Dmitri would ever fully accept that he’s gay so they could truly be together and If he does, will Brennen still want Dmitri after all the hurt, obstacles and betrayal or will it be too late?.


M/M BDSM is one of my favorite type of books to read and  Brina Brady doesn’t disappoint with Rent Me. When I started reading this book I believed it was a standalone but after finishing it and searching for other books the author has written I realized that Dmitri and Brennen’s journey will continue on. I will definitely be reading Own Me(Rent Me 2) when it becomes available later this month. If you enjoy a love story that is full of hot M/M sex with some BDSM elements then highly recommend reading Rent Me.

9/10 pots of gold





What a nice surprise I found today by accident!!!

Thank you,

Brina Brady

Five Star Bend Over Review

Thank you, Tyler May!
I love when readers get me, but Tyler May is an author, too. That means the world to me when another author gets me.

Tyler May‘s review

Dec 17, 14


bookshelves: read, m-m

Read in December, 2014

Well done, Brina Brady! I will say this is much different than Rent Me and I was pleasantly surprised. She gives a different side to a Dom/Sub relationship, just proving that all relationships and agreements are different and singular in their experience. I’ve seen her post that her characters aren’t your typical BSDM, and I say thank you. It was nice to read something different. I wanted to smack both of them a couple times, but that’s because I was so into the story 🙂 And the sex scenes in the book….WOAH hold on for a ride, there’s a lot my friends, but she keeps them fresh…a sign of a great author.

Would I recommend Bend Over? Absolutely. I loved both of Brina’s books so far and I can not wait until the sequel to Rent Me comes out. Her writing style is her own and I love that!

I speak from experience when I say that it takes so much to write a book and to get it out there. That in itself is a huge accomplishment and Brina should be proud….I’m proud of her!

Basically, this book is differently good and well written. Go click, you won’t regret it. ❤

UK Amazon 5 Star Review

Today, I checked out the UK Amazon site for Bend Over. There was a beautiful review on my book to my surprise.
I tried to thank the person, but Amazon said I didn’t live in the UK so I was unable.
Some reviewers really get my characters and it made me feel like I’m sitting on a star.
Money is great, but an awesome review is so rewarding. I feel really good today.
Thank you, Mrs. S Kruit from the UK.

5.0 out of 5 stars good plot and strong characters 25 Nov 2014
By Mrs S Kruit
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
A lot of work went into creating a challenging storyline that works without straining suspension of disbelief, which is quite an accomplishment! Brina allows us to believe in Shane’s inherent need to rebel and the conflict this poses to him emotionally as his need to be accepted as Julien’s becomes more urgent.
Julien is by turns angry and frustrated, yet extraordinarily patient with his wayward youth. The age gap works for, not against them.
Some great scenes with the bondage… Particularly liked the trip to subspace as the pleasure/pain balance takes Shane to a visceral place.

Another 5 Star Review on Bend Over



Another 5 Star Review

Bend Over by Brina Brady


“Another great book by Brina! Julien see’s this beautiful blonde boy and has this strong desire to protect him, to help him and to make him his. Shane has had a hard life growing up with a very strict father who has made him feel ashamed about the desires he is having for other men. Shane has a lot of growing up to do and needs to start making better choices in his life and Julien is just the man to help him. Great story and I am very anxious for the sequel! It will be great to see their love grow. Great job Brina!”

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Mr. Benson by John Preston

Mr. Benson: A NovelMr. Benson: A Novel by John Preston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

January 12, 2013 I read this book in one sitting. I refused to put it down even though it was in the middle of the night. It begins with Jamie, a cute bottom looking for someone in a leather bar. In comes, Mr. Benson who stares at Jamie. Jamie sends a drink over to Mr. Benson but he does not drink it. So Jamie feeling so strongly about wanting to be dominated by Mr. Benson walks over to say hi. Mr. Benson tells him to go to the men’s room and throw away his underwear and so he does. Mr. Benson takes him home. There are no half measures for Mr. Benson. He wants 100% so he sends Jamie home to think about it. A week later Jamie calls and said he wants to be Mr. Benson’s slave. The story moves to the training of Jamie then moves to the love between the two men. There is heavy BDSM play in this book. If you don’t like to read about men drinking piss from a master’s penis then this is not the book for you. However, I would not like to be involved in piss drinking myself but I don’t mind reading about it. I like the way Jamie walked through all his feelings then at the end of the book there was a short section from Mr. Benson’s point of view. It was a page turner for me and I could not stop reading it. I love this book. I will read more by John Preston.

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Sweet Jamie

Wyatt-Invitation-Only by Patricia Logan Book Review

“Wyatt” Invitation Only by Patricia Logan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was a bit different from her other books in the series. Patricia added a woman character named Jenny Thorne. Granted I don’t read MF books anymore at all but here we have a MMF, which is something else. The Jenny character was very interesting. She was a good person who neglected her own life while running the family ranch. One night, Jenny decided to go to town and visit this new BDSM club.
We meet Rand Jeffers who is the toughest Doms at the club. He did not have anyone and he meets Jenney. From there we meet Wyatt Chambers who is a long haired biker. These three get together and the fun begins. Without saying anymore for fear of spoiling the story, you really need to read this book.
Patricia Logan can write anything she wants. This story proves she can cross genres if she chooses to do that. Her description inside the Texas BDSM club made me feel like I was present in the story. She does not waste her words on anything boring. When she describes her scenes or characters, it is enticing and you want to read the rest of the story because you care about all of her characters regardless if they are male or female. She is an excellent writer and I can’t wait until her next read. She is always an automatic buy for me. Give her a chance. This book could stand-alone if you haven’t read any of the other books but please read all her books. They are awesome!

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Dangerous Submissions by Lori Toland



Dangerous Submission by Lori Tolan  Book 2

First I want to say I absolutely loved this book and Drake and Robbie together. This story was yet even better than the The Long Con which I did not think could get any better.
Drake is a British Agent was hired to to work with Lord Robbie Covington, a very sexy red-headed computer hack. Their assignment took them to Prague and they had to go undercover as Dom and Sub. Drake is a Dom but Robbie did not know anything about BDSM. Drake did not think that Robbie could pull it off as a sub so Drake needed to train in as a sub. In the beginning, Robbie was quite mouthy and bratty. Part of Drake’s cover was to spank his sub and make it look real at the party. I loved the scene at the BDSM party. Lots of sexy things went on with Drake and Robbie. The two men both were attracted to each other while working but Drake wanted to keep it to work related except Robbie was so sexy. It was so HOT to read how their relationship grew to love. I recommend this book. The sex was awesome!!!! Lots of sex.

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The Long Con by Lori Toland


The Long Con by Lori Toland  Dangerous Affairs Series

I believe this might be my first book by Lori Toland. I loved this book. It was so HOT!!!!!! I don’t want to get into the plot for it will ruin the story. The story line was so interesting but the characters really were well defined. It really boils down to a hot love affair that ends well even when all odds seem to go against them. There was some S/M in the book, too. I could not put the book down. I fell in love with both MCs. Awesome book. Read it in one sitting. This is Book 1.

Here is the cover description:

British Agent Nathaniel Bradley is tasked with bringing home a stolen heirloom. After tracking the Faberge egg all the way to a group of criminals in New York, Bradley infiltrates a ring of con artists and gets sucked into the role of a high priced prostitute.

While hoping for a chance to take back what is rightfully his, Bradley’s sole mission becomes to seduce Tony Terranova, Jr, the heir to a notorious mafia dynasty. Though Tony is strikingly handsome, the usually dominant Bradley is hesitant to submit to the sexual whims of a dangerous Mafioso.

What Bradley doesn’t expect is for Tony to fall to his knees so eagerly for him, leaving him blindsided by how intensely their dark tastes complement each other. Now Bradley is caught up in a deadly game of lies and desire, where what he truly wants may not be what duty requires.

Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM elements, male/male sexual practices, spanking.


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English Chaps

This short story follows.



This is the second story that follows the first book, The Long Con (Dangerous Affairs, #1) by Lori Toland English Chaps was very short but very good. We follow my two favorite characters to their live-in situation and how they explore some BDSM in their relationship. I wish there was more to this story. I could read Bradley and Tony for years. They are a great combo. Excellent short story.

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