Month: December 2015

Brina’s Brant: Facebook Blocked my Rent Me link again.

This is really getting old. I don’t bother or hurt anyone, but I have enemies who hate me and my Rent Me series. This has been an on going issue with Facebook. Someone reported Amazon’s Rent Me link and it’s deemed as a security risk. SECURITY RISK???? An Amazon link is not a security risk.

I found a great review on Rent Me today, so I posted the review and I wanted to add the link. That’s how I found out. Who are these enemies? Why me?

Anyway, here is the awesome review for Rent Me.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great start to this series!
By Lisa Con December 12, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
I loved Rent Me! This story revolves around the lives of Brennen, an escort, and Dimitri and Mischa, two brothers from Russia who juggle around their love, power and muscle to keep Brennen safe (mostly from himself!). Dimitri, who is fourteen years older than Bren, is everything to him. Father figure, daddy, lover, Dom, and closest confidant. Mischa, also loves and cares for Brennen, and will discipline Bren when he steps out of line. He disapproves of his brother and Bren’s relationship, but will reluctantly tolerate it because he loves them both. Brennen has had a horrible childhood and these two brothers want to do right by him. The funny thing is, Bren really deserves the discipline. His heart is in the right place all the time but he never thinks about the consequences of his poorly made decisions until it’s too late. And … every time, Dmitri and/or Mischa are there to bail him out.

I couldn’t help but feel bad for Bren because his self esteem and confidence was almost non existent ~ he was abused and neglected from such a young age and his story broke my heart ~

“… hiding under his covers at home to avoid everyone seemed like a worthy idea. People only hurt him. Why couldn’t this man love me? What was so wrong with me that no one wanted me? Not even my own mother.”

This story has everything; mild BDSM, passion, humor, angst and love, all in equal parts. The attention to detail throughout the whole book gave my minds eye the perfect visual to navigate the pages of this enchanting story. I highly recommend this book and I’m looking forward to starting the second one in the series just to see what mischief and trouble Bren gets himself into and what Dmitri and Mischa need to do to bail him out … again!

Rent Me is the first book in the Rent Me Series.
Own Me is book 2.
Make Me is book 3.

For Me is the Christmas story for the Rent Me series.

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