Make Me is LIVE!!!

Good Morning!

Make Me is finally live.  I waited for this day and counted the hours until this day showed up for me. Now, it’s here and I can’t promote it on Facebook. I was suspended from Facebook. No warning and no explanation as to what I had done wrong. I wrote to Facebook and no one answered.  I have some good friends who are helping me promote it.

Currently, I’m working on a Christmas story in Russia for Brennen and Dmitri. The new book brings a big surprise at the end. I hope you like it.

BK1-3 Rent Me Series Poster

New Release Today!  Make Me by Brina Brady.

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Russian mobster Dmitri Dubrovsky and his ex-rent boy husband Brennen are hiding out, along with extended family in a remote cabin in a German forest. Living in a small cabin is taking its toll on the couple. The entire group’s safety is Dmitri’s responsibility, and the pressure of meeting all their needs means he and Brennen don’t spend enough alone time.


Brennen has a sneaky side and is finding his way back to his old tricks. The struggles the two men go through bring out the best and the worst of each. There are some difficulties balancing their Domestic Discipline Relationship with their marriage. Jealousy is still a big stumbling block for both of them, but they always find time to squeeze in some playful, kinky sex.


They find danger when a secret meeting in Amsterdam with a trusted source turns out to be a betrayal. A brother goes missing, leaving an additional burden on Dmitri’s shoulders.


Complications with a long-time business associate who also happens to be one of the biggest drug lords in the world send them to Mexico. When one problem is solved abroad, another arises back at home. Something will change their lives forever. Can their marriage handle the change?










This is an adult, gay story focused on themes of corporal punishment and domestic discipline. It contains explicit sex with elements of light BDSM between adult men over the age of eighteen.

Book 1 and 2 Free with KU.


Purchase links for Rent Me #1 and Own Me #2


BK3 Make Me Printable 311 6x9

Thank you.

Brina Brady





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