Hop Against Homophobia Bi-and Transphobia


Join in the Hop Against Homophobia Bi-and Transphobia


Just add a post to enter the contest for a Free book from me. I can only send one of my three books to you via Amazon, due to my contract with Kindle Unlimited. However, if you own all three, then you will get a $3.99 Amazon gift card.



  1. Thanks for being in the blog. If even one person has a change of heart we are doing something right. Love is love and Live and Let Live.

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  2. I would love to read any of them. I just discovered them last week so they are on my list of WANT TO READ!

    Hi Ree Dee!
    You are a winner so let me know which book you want to read:
    Rent Me
    Own Me
    Bend Over

    What is your email for Amazon?
    I’ll send it via Amazon unless you need an epub.


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  3. I’d love to enter this, but I don’t even have a blog *sigh* I guess its just not my luck. I’ll just keep wishing Rent Me series will be available on Google Books then, so I can purchase and savor them on my android device one day, or I’m gonna die of curiosity!

    Good luck everybody!
    There’s a lot homophobes in Indonesia and because my country is such an uptight country, I envy those country who gave freedom for samesex couple to tie the knot. I just longed for PDA with my BF without someone had a horror looks at their face.

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    1. Yes, but you should know not all states in the United States support marriage. It’s being fought in the courts right now. I’m glad you found my books. Book 1 was written because I read sad articles in Russia about the mistreatment of gays. Very sad. Some people must hide in the shadows. I have you in the contest.


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