‘Rent Me’ by Brina Brady #LGBT #Review

‘Rent Me’ by Brina Brady #LGBT #Review.

Dmitri and Mischa are brothers who are originally from Russia, both are also involved in the Russian mafia. Dmitri and Mischa rescued Brennen from an abusive situation at the age of 12. Dmitri took him in and put him under his protection and Brennen has been with him since. Three years ago, when Brennen turned 18, their relationship turned from a father/son type to a physical one. Since then they have fallen in love and are involved in a consensual D/s relationship where Dmitri owns Brennen.  Brennen is expected to follow the rules Dmitri has set, if he doesn’t then he will be punished accordingly, in turn Dmitri takes care of all Brennen’s needs.


Dmitri is an owner of an escort agency called Forbidden Desires. After a lot of persuading, Brennen convinces Dmitri to allow him to become an escort even though both Dmitri and Mischa disapprove. Mischa is also a big part of Brennen’s life. He accepts Brennen as part of his family loves him like a little brother. He is a protector and will do almost anything for Brennen. He doesn’t like that Dmitri and Brennen are in a relationship together. Mischa believes that if Brennen had the opportunity he would find a nice girl to be with. This topic is often a battle between the three of them.


Unfortunately in a Russian family it is unacceptable to be gay. Therefore, Dmitri decides he will find a woman to marry as a cover and still be with Brennen.  He doesn’t inform Brennen of his plan until he announces that he is getting married. This deeply hurts Brennen and it brings back insecurities that originated from when he was younger. Once Dmitri gets married Brennen’s life changes. He is forced to move out and accept that Dmitri now has more responsibilities. Nika, Dmitri’s wife is jealous of Brennan and acts really nasty towards him, causing Brennen even more trouble and heartache. He feels abandoned and worthless, this provokes him to act out and get into some bad situations. As I continued reading their story I often wondered if Dmitri would ever fully accept that he’s gay so they could truly be together and If he does, will Brennen still want Dmitri after all the hurt, obstacles and betrayal or will it be too late?.


M/M BDSM is one of my favorite type of books to read and  Brina Brady doesn’t disappoint with Rent Me. When I started reading this book I believed it was a standalone but after finishing it and searching for other books the author has written I realized that Dmitri and Brennen’s journey will continue on. I will definitely be reading Own Me(Rent Me 2) when it becomes available later this month. If you enjoy a love story that is full of hot M/M sex with some BDSM elements then highly recommend reading Rent Me.

9/10 pots of gold





What a nice surprise I found today by accident!!!

Thank you,

Brina Brady

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