Release Party for Own Me. Join Us on Facebook! April 18th at noon.

Join us at Own Me’s Release Party on Facebook.



Own Me by Brina Brady
Jealous Brennen deals with his possessive husband Dmitri. They both thought heir problems were behind them. Old boyfriends, ex-clients and Russian mobsters try to break-up the happy couple. Gay marriage is not always easy, regardless of all the good sex and love. Read and find out if they make it through their issues.

Big Trouble for our two men!!!

Chapter 1 Excerpt
As Brennen untied his black-laced boots in the hallway, he heard Dmitri speaking in Russian with another man. He couldn’t make out the other voice. Mischa had been the only male invited to their home. The other voice wasn’t Dmitri’s brother, however. The visitor owned a damn red Ferrari convertible.

We will have other authors visiting. You can ask questions and have fun! I’ll be having a raffle for free books and some other authors will, too.


EST Time Zone.

Yes, I live over here now.

Here are our guest authors. Have your questions ready.

Noon: Brina Brady
1:00 Eric Roberts
1:30 Delores Swallows(Jones)
2:00 Nicolas Bella
3:00 Sue Kellett (Victoria Sue)
4:00 Roz White
5:00 Nicole Colville
6:00 to 6:30 Joseph Lance Tonlet
6:30 to 7:00 Brina Brady
7:00 Larry Archer
8:00 Jessie Gin
9:00 Kethric Wilcox Author

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