Own Me by Brina Brad: Ready for Pre-Order

Russian mobster Dmitri Dubrovsky weds former rent boy Brennen Brady.

My new book is ready for pre-order.

Own Me by Brina Brady

Two husbands, deeply in love and lust, continue to doubt each other’s commitment and believe the worst. Dmitri’s possessiveness collides with Brennen’s jealousy and insecurity.

Brennen desires to fully submit and satisfy his husband’s every need, if only Dmitri would let him.

Everything is upended for the steamy couple when Dmitri’s ex-lover reveals a dangerous plot within the powerful Russian family’s organization. A series of events is set in motion that forces the pair to examine the depth of their devotion.

Dmitri’s secrets and lies, an effort to protect Brennen; lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. Through it all, the couple’s lust remains strong as they have blisteringly hot kinky sex at every opportunity.

Two husbands, still deeply in love and lust. Will that be enough when the family’s enemies bring the fight to their door?
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Rent Me Series Book 1
Rent Me:

Rent Boy Brennen wants to belong to his lover Dmitri Dubrovsky. The Russian mobster controls every inch of his life in and out of bed. Brennen works for Dmitri’s escort service. His only desire is to please his lover. When Dmitri marries Nika, his lover moves him out of their home to an apartment in Beverly Hills and tells him nothing has changed. What is Brennen going to do now?

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  1. Hi,
    I’m really looking forward to Own Me coming out. Is it only available via Amazon on kindle, I have Rent Me and Bend Over on iBooks and would like to keep them together if possible.
    Many thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Mary. It will be everywhere on April 18th; Smashwords and ARe, too. It will go to iBooks via Smashwords. It might take a few days before Smashwords sends it to iBooks. I’m so happy to hear you’re looking forward to it coming out.
      Thank you,
      Brina Brady


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