The Internet Is the Sociopath’s Playground

I am saddened by this person who took advantage of a loving gay male author. It’s one thing to use a male penname, but to enter into an online relationship to gain financially is despicable. No wonder people use Skype.

The Novel Approach

If you’ve been on Facebook at all today, you may have seen the latest in a long list of stories about folks who’ve fallen victim to a case of false identity. I’m not talking about the school teacher who rightfully uses a penname to write erotica, I’m talking about the woman who has created an elaborate ruse—has assumed a name, created the persona of a gay man, has used photos of a man (purportedly those belonging to a family friend) then passed them off as herself, and had recently entered into an online relationship with another author, which is apparently known as catfishing. It sucks that the internet keeps forcing us to make up new words to describe all the ways in which we can become victims of others’ sociopathy, doesn’t it? As it turns out, I really don’t like learning something new every day.

The author Emmett “E.S.” Skipper

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