Brina’s BRants #1

Good Afternoon,
Today, I got an email from a blogger who said she could not find a reviewer for me. She tried two reviewers and both had DNF. I thought that it was very nice of her NOT to post a horrible review. This person did not want to destroy my career as a new budding author. I thanked her for that. However, there are some reviewers who aim to destroy. Not everyone will like everything and I get that. But to seek to destroy is not professional.

But once again, my point about never asking for a review from a Blogger has been reinforced. My books are not for the mainstream and even within my own genre; there are readers that want perfect characters. I don’t write about perfect characters. I like to show their character flaws and their growth through the book.

As far as the BDSM purist go, I find their books boring. All perfect Doms and subs. Really? How many perfect people do you know? These people believe you have to write a Dom with no flaws. Really? How boring is that? I write about real people with flaws but who grow. Sometimes a character falls in love and is willing to do whatever it takes to have their love returned regardless if they have the PROPER character traits that these BDSM purists believe must exist.

Just don’t read my books if you want the same theme, Dom, and sub in your stories.

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