Five Star Bend Over Review

Thank you, Tyler May!
I love when readers get me, but Tyler May is an author, too. That means the world to me when another author gets me.

Tyler May‘s review

Dec 17, 14


bookshelves: read, m-m

Read in December, 2014

Well done, Brina Brady! I will say this is much different than Rent Me and I was pleasantly surprised. She gives a different side to a Dom/Sub relationship, just proving that all relationships and agreements are different and singular in their experience. I’ve seen her post that her characters aren’t your typical BSDM, and I say thank you. It was nice to read something different. I wanted to smack both of them a couple times, but that’s because I was so into the story 🙂 And the sex scenes in the book….WOAH hold on for a ride, there’s a lot my friends, but she keeps them fresh…a sign of a great author.

Would I recommend Bend Over? Absolutely. I loved both of Brina’s books so far and I can not wait until the sequel to Rent Me comes out. Her writing style is her own and I love that!

I speak from experience when I say that it takes so much to write a book and to get it out there. That in itself is a huge accomplishment and Brina should be proud….I’m proud of her!

Basically, this book is differently good and well written. Go click, you won’t regret it. ❤

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