Bend Over WIP Second Edit

Happy Monday Peeps!

“Bend Over” has been sent to my editor Tina for second round today. I’m not supposed to do anything while it is in her hands.  My story now has 83,000 words. I added a few more scenes. I’m really excited to see my story coming along.  Sometimes, when I read it, I wonder how I wrote it in the first place. It’s like something flows through my hands and my characters take over my keyboard and write the story for me. “Bend Over” was much easier to write than “Rent Me” for some reason.  With “Rent Me”, I moved chapters around, but with “Bend Over”, my chapter order was perfect from the beginning.

Of course, now I should be writing “Own Me”, the sequel to “Rent Me”. I have three chapters written so far. I need to plot more first with “Own Me” so I can move a little faster.  I plan to write a sequel to “Bend Over” as well. I have 30,000 words on “Bend Over” sequel, titled “Don’t Throw Me Away” so far. I’m going to try to work on two books at once.  This will be challenging for me since I have a no stop focus on one idea at a time.  I will push my writing boundaries and see if I can make writing two stories work.  I have more confidence now than when I wrote “Rent Me”.

If you need an editor for M/M or BDSM, check out Tina. She is awesome! She enhances my writing without removing my voice as a writer.

Coming Soon!


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