Brina Brady’s FB Interview with S. Aksah

S wrote: “Bend Over ending for author Brina Brady
by S.Aksah(author of Sex and Desperate Hearts)

Self-published author Brina Brady, who broke into the scene with her first adult book “Rent Me” in May this year, is hoping to get her second book out for her fans by Christmas.

Brady has written some 38,000 words so far for her new book, tentatively titled “Bend Over”.

“I hope the book will  be ready by Christmas if not sooner,” she said in an interview over Facebook Aug 21.

Brady’s first work, “Rent Me”, was categorised as “gay romance and erotica”. The work was focused on “themes of corporal discipline punishment and explicit sex”.
Brady is expected to continue in the same themes in her second work.

Bend Over is about an 18-year-old boy with a secret, who runs away to California. He falls for this black man from Martinique,” she said, adding that the story is going to revolve around their relationship.

Brady expects her second book to be between 90,000 to 100,000 words when it’s completed. The work is likely to be priced at USD $3.99.

Asked on whether she had figured out the ending of her new work or whether she is still plotting, Brady said: “I’m afraid of a bad ending for Bend Over, so I have to think more about it”. She indicated that she would likely try to find a way to make it a happy ending.

Brady is also concurrently working on a sequel to her first book with three chapters currently already in the bag. She said that in the sequel (to be titled “Own Me”), the main character would continue to experience “a lot of angst… again”.

Brina Brady

Here is the link to Brady’s work:



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