Mr. Benson by John Preston

Mr. Benson: A NovelMr. Benson: A Novel by John Preston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

January 12, 2013 I read this book in one sitting. I refused to put it down even though it was in the middle of the night. It begins with Jamie, a cute bottom looking for someone in a leather bar. In comes, Mr. Benson who stares at Jamie. Jamie sends a drink over to Mr. Benson but he does not drink it. So Jamie feeling so strongly about wanting to be dominated by Mr. Benson walks over to say hi. Mr. Benson tells him to go to the men’s room and throw away his underwear and so he does. Mr. Benson takes him home. There are no half measures for Mr. Benson. He wants 100% so he sends Jamie home to think about it. A week later Jamie calls and said he wants to be Mr. Benson’s slave. The story moves to the training of Jamie then moves to the love between the two men. There is heavy BDSM play in this book. If you don’t like to read about men drinking piss from a master’s penis then this is not the book for you. However, I would not like to be involved in piss drinking myself but I don’t mind reading about it. I like the way Jamie walked through all his feelings then at the end of the book there was a short section from Mr. Benson’s point of view. It was a page turner for me and I could not stop reading it. I love this book. I will read more by John Preston.

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