Brina’s Writing Process

Brina’s Writing Process

by Brina Brady

My writing process begins with two characters and then I add more. I fill out a thorough character chart for each. I create in Scrivener because I am able to have pictures of my characters while I type. From this point, I begin writing and have my characters talk to each other. My first draft is dialogue with sparse settings and descriptions. For some reason, I like to focus on 3000 words at a time. I will work it for a week until the skeleton grows some flesh. During this process, I add more action and beats to the tags. The description is more detailed, sometimes too much then later needs cutting.

In Rent Me, I did extensive research on the Russian culture and Russian mobsters located in California. I know California since I lived there. I wanted to make sure Dmitri reacted to his oppressive culture and grew from it. He was suppressed as a child because in Russia you can’t be openly gay. This caused problems for him because he was in love with Brennen, but he married Nika to appease his family and friends. I like to create conflict in each chapter.

I researched rent boys on Twitter to see why they liked their job. Another great resource for me was Tumblr. The pictures fused my imagination for sex scenes. I also investigated some pictures and videos on some Gay sites to get ideas. That was the fun part of researching.

One day I sat down and thought about a backstory for Brennen. Where did he come from? How did he meet Dmitri?

As time went on, I added layers to each chapter. I took many writing classes from Romance Writers of America. I found out I needed some hooks so I added them in later. I joined writing groups and listened to what my beta readers suggested and having a great editor helps, too.

My writing begins in my head and my characters demand time on my screen. I allow them to do as they will for the most part. A couple of times, both Dmitri and Brennen were out of control so I had to rein them in.

Currently, I am working on my new novel Bent Over but the sequel to Rent Me is also in process due to the demands of Brennen and Dmitri. I love writing and will never stop.


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