Wyatt-Invitation-Only by Patricia Logan Book Review

“Wyatt” Invitation Only by Patricia Logan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was a bit different from her other books in the series. Patricia added a woman character named Jenny Thorne. Granted I don’t read MF books anymore at all but here we have a MMF, which is something else. The Jenny character was very interesting. She was a good person who neglected her own life while running the family ranch. One night, Jenny decided to go to town and visit this new BDSM club.
We meet Rand Jeffers who is the toughest Doms at the club. He did not have anyone and he meets Jenney. From there we meet Wyatt Chambers who is a long haired biker. These three get together and the fun begins. Without saying anymore for fear of spoiling the story, you really need to read this book.
Patricia Logan can write anything she wants. This story proves she can cross genres if she chooses to do that. Her description inside the Texas BDSM club made me feel like I was present in the story. She does not waste her words on anything boring. When she describes her scenes or characters, it is enticing and you want to read the rest of the story because you care about all of her characters regardless if they are male or female. She is an excellent writer and I can’t wait until her next read. She is always an automatic buy for me. Give her a chance. This book could stand-alone if you haven’t read any of the other books but please read all her books. They are awesome!

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