Dangerous Submissions by Lori Toland



Dangerous Submission by Lori Tolan  Book 2

First I want to say I absolutely loved this book and Drake and Robbie together. This story was yet even better than the The Long Con which I did not think could get any better.
Drake is a British Agent was hired to to work with Lord Robbie Covington, a very sexy red-headed computer hack. Their assignment took them to Prague and they had to go undercover as Dom and Sub. Drake is a Dom but Robbie did not know anything about BDSM. Drake did not think that Robbie could pull it off as a sub so Drake needed to train in as a sub. In the beginning, Robbie was quite mouthy and bratty. Part of Drake’s cover was to spank his sub and make it look real at the party. I loved the scene at the BDSM party. Lots of sexy things went on with Drake and Robbie. The two men both were attracted to each other while working but Drake wanted to keep it to work related except Robbie was so sexy. It was so HOT to read how their relationship grew to love. I recommend this book. The sex was awesome!!!! Lots of sex.

Purchase here: http://www.amazon.com/Dangerous-Submission-Affairs-Lori-Toland-ebook/dp/B00CHUR1V2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1400604797&sr=8-1&keywords=dangerous+submissions

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