Bend Over by Brina Brady WIP

For now I am naming my new book Bend Over. That may change as I write more. Today I have 22,000 words written.

The story takes place in Huntington Beach, California.  It’s about an 18 year boy named Shane O’Rourke who runs away.  His secret is the reason he had to leave home. He was short two months of graduating high school.  He stole a motorcycle from Laron, the drug dealer he had worked for in New Jersey. He also did not return the money from the drugs he had sold for Laron.

Shane has a twin sister named Sheena.  He has an older brother named Michael.  His parents came from Ireland. His father is a Reverend and his mother is an alcoholic.

This story will be about Shane’s BDSM relationship with Julien Callier.


Shane O’Rourke is an 18 year old boy left his family, friends and girlfriend behind because of a secret.

Julien Callier is a  30 year old Black man who is a Dom of Doms.  He is a successful businessman who owns a BDSM club.  He is looking for a sub.  He was raised in Martinique.

Dario Hernandez is a 28 year old Mexican man who used to be Julien’s sub but left him to become a Dom.

Keme is an 18 year old Eurasian boy who is the flamboyant sub for Dario.

Muses for this story:

Shane O’Rourke


No one will ever know my secret unless one of them tells on me. But that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to hell for what I had done. Certain sins were unforgivable especially when both the Reverend and Mom warned me many times.

Shane O'Rourke

Shane O’Rourke

Julien Callier


“I had some of my guys pick up the kid’s motorcycle last night. I shipped it back to Gus so he would drop the charges on the boy.”

Julien Callier


Dario Hernandez




“I see you brought your little whore with you,” Dario said.




“Wear short shorts that show your ass and don’t wear any underwear. Walk past him and bend to pick up something. Try that. Works for me.” Keme laughed.


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